All Lines Led Aft

How I ran my lines back to the cockpit.

This upgrade was performed by myself. I originally bought the Lines Led Aft kit from Catalina Direct. The kit came with new halyards and all the hardware needed to run the lines back. I also bought their mast step plate which allows you to mount pulleys at the base of the mast. I first had to drop the mast to change out the sheaves at the mast head to accommodate the double braid line. The boat originally had wire rope. So the old sheaves were too small for the new line. I added one pulley to each side of the base of the mast. Then I positioned the deck organizer forward of the hand rail such that the lines would have a clean run back to the cockpit along the hand rail. I then drilled and mounted the deck organizers with through bolts and made a backing plate for the nuts inside the cabin. Then I positioned the cam cleats on the face of the cabin's aft bulkhead and through bolted them.

Since the initial installation, I have added more lines which were also led back to the cockpit. I needed to add a second set of deck organizers for the additional lines. The new deck organizers wer simply mounted on top of the original ones with longer bolts. I use the bottom deck organizers for the lines which carry the heaviest loads (halyards).

Pictures of the final installation.
Lines Led Aft     Lines Led Aft Port Side     Lines Led Aft Port Side     Lines Led Aft Port Side
Lines Led Aft Port Side     Lines Led Aft Port Side     Lines Led Aft Port Side    

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